Two Bodies One Soul

The name of my blog. But why?

Well at first, I didn’t really think much of what the name should be. Then I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to change it if I did not like it, so that’s when I started to care about it.

Two bodies, one soul. The meaning is love. There’s a famous quote by Aristotle that is “love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” This came from a mythological Greek story where all people were born with 4 arms, 4 legs, and were half female, half male. In the story, Zeus ordered that all people must be cut in half. Because of this, the people’s life goal from that day on was to find their other half.

Of course, a person does not have to be what complete’s another one’s life. There are many things that people fall in love with that gives them comfort, security, and pure happiness; something they feel they cannot live without. In the case of the quote, love is identified as one person finding another person that completes both of them. I connect to this meaning of love, and that is why I chose to name my blog something similar to the original quote.

I feel that myself and who I have found to be my other half are connected and cannot be pulled apart. I won’t start talking in detail about my love life, but I will say that my love life has made many feelings and traits of myself stand out more than they ever have. The love I feel between my other half and I makes me feel strong, secure, happy, protected, confident, faithful, outgoing, and alive. 

My significant other and I are one; we are one soul, but two bodies. This fact is what means most to me in life right now, and that is the reason behind my blog name. I originally wanted to choose something that describes just me better, but after some thought, I realized that my relationship with him is one of the biggest parts of me. I have found ways to describe who I am just because of my relationship with my other half. The best parts of me are shown now because of him.

To just make it short and simple:

Two Bodies, One Soul. The overall meaning of this is love.

I feel that most of who I am today is made up of so much love. For my soul-mate more than anything, but also for other people, nature, animals, art, and the world itself.

My soul is connected to my significant other’s soul, making us one. We are two separate humans, but our souls have most definitely combined to one. This is everything to me.

I find this to be so special because I know with all of my heart that this feeling is so real, something I have never felt before, something that can’t be torn apart, and that is why this is so important to who I am today.

Love is a very wide topic and can be elaborated in so many ways, but I’ve found that the way I have connected it to the quote by Aristotle is how it has most meaning to me. My relationship is something that can describe so much of my personality, in almost all good ways.

Also, I feel the need to mention why I chose the specific featured picture for this post. I took this picture, and I am in love with taking pictures that include the sun. The way that it connects to this blog post for me is that when I talk about my relationship, I feel warmth. I imagine warm colors like yellow, orange and pink. My mind just has some sort of way to connect the feeling of the sun beating down on my skin with the relationship that I am in, in such a wonderful way.

So, there you go. The meaning behind my blog name. Quite honestly, I probably spent way too much time deciding a name for this blog that I will probably stop using in a couple of months. Oh well. It was a fun thought process.



First Blog Post

Well, hey.

I’m not exactly sure why I decided to start a blog today. When I was in elementary school I used to create my own free blogs like this full of pointless things that I thought were funny and tell all of my friends to go check them out. So I guess you can say I’ve always had a thing for getting my ideas and thoughts out to people over the internet. I don’t know how long blogging will last for me, but for now, I hope you enjoy whatever I may share.

So, my full name is Isabella Rose Scalzi, but I prefer to be called Bella. Im almost 18 years old (May 13th) and I’ll be graduating high school very soon. I have very easy days this year taking such few classes. It’s given me time to focus on myself more than I ever have before and learn to care about my future and push aside things that are not important. Of course, every person in this world needs improvement, but I’m very happy with who I am right now and I think I’m learning to truly love myself (with a little help from a friend).

I am a very understanding person. Listening is easy for me, so when it comes to people who need to vent, I am the person they trust to vent to. People most commonly say that I am down to earth more than anything else, and well, I agree. Everyone needs that one friend that’s going to tell you the truth even if its harsh, like if your outfit looks bad or your makeup needs fixing or if you should stop talking to that one boy. I am that person that is honest about it all, and sometimes too honest to people who are more on the sensitive side. I just feel that people need to know things for how they really are. Too many people are unrealistic about life and I have found that those people bother me more than any other type of person, so I have made sure that I am the complete opposite of that.

I am a lover of nature; the sound of waterfalls, the rain hitting my roof, the energy from the sun, every little rock and insect at my feet. Exploring is so much fun. I don’t enjoy using the word ‘fun’ to describe things, but really, it is. Not just exploring the outdoors, but other things such as people’s minds. So many things interest me that the common person wouldn’t be interested in, that I probably seem like a psychopath for liking different things.

Not mentioning the little things, I have a love for anything considered art. Paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, all that stuff. I love creating art as well. I’m a lover of dogs, plants, rock and alternative music, sometimes rap, really good food (I’m not a picky eater), burning candles, fashion, hiking, going ice skating, long car rides, roses, concerts, my boyfriend, crime shows, meeting new people, writing or drawing my thoughts, the beach… and over everything else, I’m a lover of change.

Change is amazing. I don’t want to live every day going through the same routine. I want to see new things, try new things, be exposed to scenarios that I would  never be expected to be in. I don’t fear much at all. I want to feel that adrenaline rush sometimes and feel like I am actually living my life. Living and being alive are two very different things. I am happy to say that, more often than not, I am living my life to the best of my ability right now, and I love the life I live more than I ever have.

My english teacher helped me put together a different way to think of who I am. We came up with “I am a close-up lens with a wide angle view.” Think about it. I love it.

So, I’ll leave you with all that about myself. I will probably blog about things such as places to visit (trips I go on), my opinion on certain popular topics that are roaming right now, helpful tips on things that all people my age probably go through, maybe some fashion inspiration, and whatever else that comes to mind. I will also be posting weekly song recommendations on my side bar. Every week I’ll be adding new ones and deleting the old, but you can find the old ones on a tab at the top of my page called ‘SR’s’.

I’ll hopefully be writing again soon!